Chatterton Park Estate – Simply Better

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Picture yourself taking an early morning drive around Rockhampton, Central Queensland’s unofficial capital. Past the famous bull and out towards Gracemere… you’re looking for a place to settle down in one of Australia’s fastest growing cities.

With your windows down, you can feel the atmosphere change a little. Gracemere has that clean, country living feel to it; a place where kids can grow up and go to school, away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet still close to all of the facilities a city has to offer.

Purely by chance, you turn off Gavial Gracemere Road and find yourself at a roundabout that features a big, old Queensland Bottle Tree… this place feels like home. Your mood lifts up another notch higher. You notice you’re at the intersection of Chatterton Boulevard and Lilly Pilly Avenue, in a place called Chatterton Park . It’s a bit different to the usual greenfield development…

You see, there’s a reason for this. Chatterton Park is unique as it is the only mixed residential development that offers a range of home options for families of different sizes. Here there are big, spacious blocks with big, spacious homes (link to designs) on them, alongside a gated townhouse community. It’s got a planned feel to it, without the boring sameness that seems to have taken over most new housing estates. It’s a “real” place; better than the rest you’ve seen.

With our 60 townhouse development, scheduled for construction in 3 stages, we offer a unit complex for those who don’t have the time look after a big block of land yet still yearn for a backyard for the kids. Lilly Pilly Gardens has been created as a secured environment with a wide range of entertaining facilities at your doorstep. All of the convenience of a townhouse with a real backyard, into the bargain.